My Chinese apartment tour. Guangzhou apartment hunting. 6 months ago

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So I have recently had to move from one apartment to another in Guangzhou China. As an expat we move around often I find. Maybe every year or every few. House hunting is such a big pain and they can show you cheap places to live but not always quality I am renting my place for around 5000 RMB and you may say that is not cheap but I dont live in a hole in the wall. I make a decent living and I am married so I want things such a full kitchen and space. Many people try to brag about only paying 1000 RMB for their place but they have nothing in their place, its very small and not down town Guangzhou China. China is not how I expected it to be, China how it is all depends on what you make it. Canton fair is currently going on and i know many people are looking to rent a place while they are here to stay for a few months or a year. 5 things I can say about hunting for an apartment is (when you like one take it right a way, negotiate / bargain on the price, be patient, have many agents, expects to pay if you want some thing good )There are many rules for renting legally also such as visa, police registration etc. My Chinese wife helps me with a lot of things. Hope you enjoy My Chinese apartment tour.
Guangzhou apartment hunting.


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